North Carolina Life Sciences Organization (NCLifeSci)

4505 Emporer Blvd.
Durham, NC 27703


NCLifeSci, the North Carolina Life Sciences Organization, is dedicated to promoting the future growth and development of North Carolina’s life science industry. NCLifeSci advocates for state and federal public policies that encourage the growth of life science companies, supports the development of a strong life science workforce, promotes research and technology transfer at universities and other institutions including support for capitalization and commercialization of products.

The organization also provides members opportunities to network, collaborate and save money. NCLifeSci’s ultimate goal is to help North Carolina’s life science community fulfill its extraordinary promise as a source of economic opportunity and improved quality of life for citizens of North Carolina and people around the world.

What makes North Carolina the best place for biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical production?

Lower cost, lower risk and a supportive political climate get your plant up and running faster. And we all know time is money.

The key components of our value proposition include:

  • Training and Talent

  • Bioprocess and Analytical Services for Industry

  • Business Climate

  • Long-term Commitment

With more than 790 companies employing 70,000+ people, North Carolina has a great community for biotechnology, including $84+ billion in total economic activity

"NCBioImpact is an internationally recognized asset that brings specialized education and relevant, commercial-scale hands-on training for biomanufacturing and other life-science workers. NCBioImpact makes it possible for companies growing or relocating to North Carolina to bring new facilities and new workers on-line in substantially shortened timelines with better quality outcomes and higher productivity."

–Laura Gunter, President, North Carolina Life Sciences Organization