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Economic Development

What makes North Carolina the best place for biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical production?

Lower cost, lower risk and a supportive political climate get your plant up and running faster. And we all know time is money.

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The key components of our value proposition include:

With more than 530 companies employing 59,000-plus people, North Carolina has a great community for biotechnology, featuring:

  • $64.6 billion in total economic activity
  • $1.2 billion invested in the last decade
  • 4.1 percent growth from 2008 to 2010, when other industries shed thousands of jobs

"NCBioImpact is an internationally recognized asset that brings specialized education and relevant, commercial-scale hands-on training for biomanufacturing and other life-science workers. NCBioImpact makes it possible for companies growing or relocating to North Carolina to bring new facilities and new workers on-line in substantially shortened timelines with better quality outcomes and higher productivity."

- Sam Taylor, President, North Carolina Biosciences Organization